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By X. Xie, Ch. Haberland

Plane layout 2 (1999) 147 - 165

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The proposed direction of attack should keep the population in Stanley outside the impact area. Risk to the crews would be teduced by the lack ofArgentine air defence aitcraft in the Falklands, and they were unlikely to be intercepted by jets from the mainland. Post attack battle damage assessment was to be carried out by Sea Harriers ovetflying at high level. If authotiry was given the next day, two Vulcans would deploy to Ascension Island, of which one would be ready to make a first raid on Stanley airfield on the night of 26 April - three days before the carrier battle group was within range to carry out an aitfield attack with Sea Harriers.

Some found it exhilarating. In the beginning, Vulcans carried out ECM monitor runs through a calibration facility operated by No 81 Signals Unit (SU) at Benbecula, Stornoway. Starting some 90 miles north of the site, the Vulcan was flown at high level towards it, switching specific pieces ofkit on and offat predetermined ranges. The clever stuff was being done on the ground, where operators were able to assess the power output, the effectiveness of each mode, the amplitude of modulation and so on.

To do this in the unlimited visibility of Nevada was no mean achievement, and they impressed all by their professionalism'. Although the Vulcan was by now becoming obsolescent, it could still punch above its weight low-level at night and in bad weather. In 1978, the USAF invited the Vulcan to take part in the first allnight Red Flag. As OC No 50 Sqn at Waddington at the time, Nigel Baldwin was told by HQ No 1 Group 'to select four jets from the fleet, six aircrews and a small but highly expert team of technicians, work them up in the UK and at Goose Bay, then participate in Red Flag and, by the way, don't have an accident.

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