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By Henry Pelling

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ISBN-13: 9780333644492

Offering an introductory account of the Labour social gathering from its starting place, this publication covers the complete interval as much as the overall Election of 1992 and the next number of John Smith to be triumphant Neil Kinnock as social gathering chief. It additionally discusses the position of labour unions in the celebration.

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For propaganda against the war, MacDonald joined with four anti-war Liberals, Norman Angell, E. D. Morel, Charles Trevelyan and Arthur Ponsonby, to form in September 1914 a body called the Union of Democratic 33 34 A Short History of the Labour Party Control. The UDC demanded democratic control of foreign policy, no annexations, an international organisation to maintain peace, and disarmament. New alignments thus cut across the ranks of the Labour Party, and threatened its continued existence as a political force.

It should be added that the Co-operative Union entered politics during the war, and sponsored several candidates, one of whom was elected. The one Co-operative MP joined the Parliamentary Labour Party, as did others after later elections; and the 'Co-operative Party' became closely integrated with the Labour Party. The status of the Parliamentary Labour Party vis-a-vis the national executive and the labour movement at large was now at its nadir. It was bad enough that several of the parliamentary leaders had refused to leave the coalition government; it was worse still that the party in the House had lost its remaining members of ability, and that even Henderson, who had so ably conducted the work of reorganisation, had failed to secure re-election.

Suddenly, however, the political pattern was transformed by an external catalyst - that of war on the continent of Europe, in which Britain quickly became involved. FURTHER READING In addition to the books listed at the end of the previous chapter which cover this period, for relations between the unions and the Labour Party see H. A. Clegg, A History of British Trade Unions Since 1889. Volume 2. 1911-1933 (1985); for A Pressure-Group under Pressure 31 the impact of the law see H. Pelling, 'The politics of the Osborne Judgement', Historical Journal, 25 (1982); and for the growth of the party's own organisation see R.

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