Chuka Onwumechili's African Democratization and Military Coups PDF

By Chuka Onwumechili

ISBN-10: 027596325X

ISBN-13: 9780275963255

Onwumechili offers an exhilarating viewpoint on African army coups and reminds us that democracy isn't really synonymous completely with Western societies. He examines democracies in conventional Africa and exhibits how those socieites essentially outlined and constrained the jobs of conventional African armies.From this historical past, Onwumechili makes readers get pleasure from that smooth African armies are deviant associations, with out roots in conventional Africa. fairly, he argues, one has to hunt these roots in Africa's contemporary, colonial heritage. Dr. Onwumechili is going directly to describe the explanations for coups and their strategies. ultimately, he examines how army coups may be avoided. whereas prior options have principally failed, Onwumechili presents convincing options according to case reviews.

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Participation is a core democratic principle. " The speech, makes it clear that participation by the citizenry is a must in any democracy. Reality, however, makes participation of every one quite optimistic, especially in large-sized modem states. We shall leam in the next section that there are various types of democracy that have developed in response to the difficulty of ensuring direct participation for all. In fact, the principle of representation, which we shall discuss shortly, was developed as a response to the difficulty of ensuring direct participation for all.

In the new era of democracy, Taylor is charged with uniting the country and trust is at the core of rebuilding national unity. Thus, Taylor's attitude has to change. However, Taylor began his tenure as president by reneging on the Abuja accord that required the reformation of Liberian armed forces and police under the auspices of the West African military force (ECOMOG). Instead, for months, he attempted to convert his security forces to Western Democracy and Democratic Consolidation 29 Liberian army and police.

Hopefully, the discussions of the principles of Western democracy have enlightened our knowledge of democracy. We will now shift our discussion to various types of Western democracies. TYPES OF DEMOCRACIES Democracy can simply be understood by the various principles we have all ready discussed. But those principles are merely generic and do not help us understand particular democracies because there are certain peculiarities such as the degree of public participation and the process of decision making that help differentiate one type of democracy from another.

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