New PDF release: Air power and maneuver warfare

By Martin van Creveld, Kenneth S Brower, Steven L Canby, Air University Press

ISBN-10: 1585660507

ISBN-13: 9781585660506

268 pages - Manneuver battle in motion - Germany - Russia - photographs - Israel - Air energy in Nineteen Nineties

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The solution to NATO's present problem is apparent. Logistic support within divisions is highly integrated, penny packeted, and difficult to change. However, the same is not true for logistic arrangements above division. Except for personnel and equipment for specific units like medical and weapons system maintenance, most corps support units need not be present in peacetime and can be provided by host-nation support in wartime. For any European-based multinational corps trying to wage maneuver warfare, changing the existing system of logistic support is an operational imperative .

Moreover, the German and Soviet armies fought a protracted conflict over vast areas largely devoid of a modern infrastructure . , automatic weapons). At a time when American GIs were still toting their single-shot M-1s (and British Tommies their World War I Lee-Enfields), the Germans had introduced the Sturmgewehr and the Soviets the avtomat kalasnikova (AK) . Furthermore, the German and Soviet armies, unlike the US Army, were liberally equipped with mortars and light machine guns . And by- utilizing the organizational device of artillery divisions, the Soviet General Staff (Stavka) ensured that there would be more artillery support available at the decisive moment-that is, during breakthrough operations .

A quarter century after it had first been put into practice, the doctrine was given incomparably brilliant theoretical formulation by one of Moltke's successors as chief of the General Staff, Graf Alfred von Schlieffen . 4 When the Germans went to war in 1914, they hoped to achieve a quick decision by going around the enemy and maneuvering their forces against his flank and rear . This time, however, their maneuver was planned on a gigantic scale and designed to cover not just a few frontier provinces but an entire country.

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