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Colonel Andrews concentrates on tactical innovation in the course of battle. He examines the level to which USAF doctrine ready the USA relevant Command Air Forces (CENTAF) for its venture opposed to the Republican safeguard Forces Command (RGFC). He describes how CENTAF adjusted air operations opposed to Iraq's RGFC within the 1990-91 invasion of Kuwait. CENTAF instituted six major tactical techniques in a single week that required its aviators to create new strategies in the middle of wrestle operations. Colonel Andrews evaluates these strategies simply because they enabled CENTAF to meet theater ambitions. He recommends that the Air strength establish skill to degree air operations opposed to land forces in the course of peacetime as the press of battle doesn't offer time for mirrored image and research.

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151 GAT planners further modified the process by communicating directly with the Air Staff and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which had more manpower and access to data. 152 Tapes of non-LGB attacks had less ability to provide feedback for BDA purposes, because heads-up display tapes only record weapons aiming, not impacts. They did, however, provide important information to Riyadh as to what the units were doing. A “flat” organizational structure, multiple formal and informal information channels, and the cockpit videotapes allowed CENTAF headquarters to follow closely the condition and activities of its own forces—an important element of orientation.

The common attitude was that low flying is more demanding; if one can fly low, he can fly high. Although this may be so, a general lack of high-altitude experience masked some significant problems unique to high-altitude operations that would appear during Desert Storm. 121 The renaissance of high-altitude tactics was an innovation generated at the unit level during Desert Shield. Individual units gradually shifted from low- to high-altitude tactics during the months before Desert Storm. Most wings began Desert Shield with the belief that low flying would be required to survive against the Iraqis.

CENTAF missions struck the Republican Guard within the first 24 hours and would continue for the next 43 days. Small F-16 and B-52 raids struck at Republican Guard field headquarters the first day; follow-up missions over the next two days attacked other preplanned RGFC targets. With the physical and intellectual energies of the air campaign focused deep inside Iraq, the Iraqi Army felt only slight pressure from the air. 105 During the first six days of the air campaign (17 to 23 January) approximately 92 F-16, 39 B-52, and six F-18 28 ANDREWS strikes hit the Republican Guard.

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