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By Lydia Davis

ISBN-10: 1466869240

ISBN-13: 9781466869240

In suggestive, clipped prose, the writer of the seriously acclaimed novel, the tip of the tale, offers a set of brief tales that captures the convolutions of human relationships and the bounds of the self."

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I’m not so sure. Someday someone’s going to do it. ’ ‘Nonsense! Get to another planet and back! It’s impossible. It is to this age what the philosopher’s stone was to an earlier one. ’ At two o’clock a young schoolmaster looked earnestly at his charges. ‘This,’ he said, ‘is a history lesson. I wonder what history really means to you. I should like you to see it as I do not as a dull procession of facts and dates, but as the story of Man’s climb from the time when he was a dumb brute: a story that is still being told.

But this is an age of hair splitting. Many could be found to say that while Dale’s Norse ancestors were physically courageous, they were spiritually cowardly that the motive of their courage was the fear of losing a reputation for valour…. Dale should not have married at least, he should not have married a woman of Mary’s type. And inwardly Mary herself knew that now. He should have swept up one of the worshipping little things he had thrilled in the past. He should have installed in his home one of those pretty little goldenheads whose hope it was, and whose perpetual joy it would be, that she was the chosen and the closest to the hero acclaimed by millions.

Somewhere about nine thirty Police Gyrocurt Number 4 came hovering close to Number 5. Number 4’s pilot picked up a megaphone and shouted across: ‘Just look at ‘em down there. Bill. ’ Bill, in Number 5, nodded. ‘If they keep on comin’ in at this rate, we’ll lave to start parking them vertical,’ he bawled back. That part of the Plain which lay below them had undergone a transformation. Outside the five mile circle of the beacon balloons acres of country were covered with parked cars and ‘planes. From them crowds of black dots were stippled inwards, growing denser as they converged.

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