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By Parviz Birjandi and Mohammad Ali Salmani-Nodoushan

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Other fricatives include the /v/ in van, the /s/ in sin, the /h/ in hat /hæt/, the /ð/ in that /ðæt/, the /z/ in zoo /zu:/ and the /Ʒ/ sound in genre /ˈʒɑ:nrə/. Fricative consonants result from a narrowing of the speech canal that does not achieve the full closure characteristic of the occlusives. The shape and position of the lips and/or tongue determine the type of fricative produced. Phoneticians usually distinguish between so-called true fricatives and the related class of spirants. During the production of a fricative, the airstream can be directed in several ways.

For example, 'big' carries a very different meaning from 'pig'. English has many sounds that are paired up in this way. In fact, there are a number of cases in which the place and manner of articulation of phonemes are the same, but the meaning is dependant upon whether the sound is voiced or not. 8. FORTIS AND LENIS Fortis and Lenis are closely related to level of vibration. Fortis sounds are those that are made with strong muscular effort, originating in the lungs. Lenis is the opposite. To fully understand what is meant by fortis and lenis, your attention is drawn to the fact that all of us have the ability to whisper.

As onset or coda). Moreover, consonant clusters are not limited to two consonants in English. In a word like street three consonants cluster together at the beginning of the syllable to produce a CCCVC syllable. Another interesting observation is that vowels can initiate syllables in English. The syllable structure of Persian is, however, different. On the one hand, Persian syllables cannot be initiated with vowels; even words that seem to start with a vowel include the glottal stop /ʔ/ as the syllable onset.

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