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7. It will be seen that the is number of commutator segments reduced to one-fourth of the number of necting in series of four coils, one in each by the conbetween two coils field, adjacent segments of the commutator. As in the previous figure, the rule coils is to connect each coil to one ( \n for connecting the 1 ) J in advance. [CHAP. Fig. 7 FOUR CIRCUIT SINGLE WINDING. WMWM. Fig. FOUR 8 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING, CHAP, SINGLE-WOUND GRAMME EINGS. ] 15 Figure 8 represents a winding in which the coils of one circuit, from brush to brush, instead of being adjacent to each other, are situated in different position For instance, the fields.

In. gramme ring. w = 6, # = 6, segments distant from each All of the cross-connections are shown other by inside the armature. 2 At the position shown, coil 12 short-circuited is by the positive brush. The circuits through the armature are I \ 9_3_i6_iO-4-17-ll- 5-18 15-2- 8-14-1- 7-13-19- 6 } J connections shown inside the commutator, together with one-third of the segments, had been would have been an unequal distribution of potential about the commutator. Between two would be found a certain voltage, V, and between the next two 2 V; then segments again, etc.

Fig. TWO 15 CIRCUIT, SINGLE WINDING. CHA1'. Ill ] TWO-CIRCUIT, SINGLE-WOUND, MULTIPOLAE KINUS, Fig. 15 In is with practice given a winding that has been used in extreme regularity of fact that segments it owing partly to the connections, and still more to the considerable all success, involves the use of twice as Only one as coils. many commutator coil in series is short-circuited at each brush, and the volts per segment are one-half what they would be The number of in the unmodified long-connection winding.

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